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Customizing Message Prefixes

NOTE: This document assumes you know how to modify the Windows Registry.  Please do not attempt this unless you are comfortable with the Windows Registry.  Please be careful, because we cannot take any responsibility for what you do.

Whenever you send or receive a message, Gox Box displays a short prefix with information about that message.  You can change this prefix to anything you want.

On the Registry Editor to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SteamingCoffee.com\GoxBox.  Double-click "MessagePrefix" on the right, and enter your new custom prefix using the format codes listed before.  (To change how messages are displayed in the log viewer, you will need to add a new string value called "LogPrefix".)

When you are done, press enter to save the information.  Gox Box will use the updated prefix for all new messages you send and receive.



Example Result

Gox Box Format Codes

r Recipient of the message Jeff
u Sender of the message K.J.

Time Format Codes

h Hour in 12-hr 8
H Hour in 24-hr 20
hh Hour in 12-hr with leading zero 08
HH Hour in 24-hr with leading zero 20
n Minute 5
nn Minute with leading zero 05
s Seconds 43
ss Seconds with leading zero 43
t "a" or "p" p
T "A" or "P" P
tt "am" or "pm" pm
TT "AM" or "PM" PM
ttttt Time based on Windows settings 20:05:43
Date Format Codes
d Day of month 4
dd Day of month with leading zero 04
ddd Abbreviated weekday Fri
dddd Full weekday Friday
ddddd Short date, using Windows settings 02/04/94
dddddd Long date, using Windows settings Friday, February 04, 1994
m Month 2
mm Month with leading zero 02
mmm Abbreviated month name Feb
mmmm Full month name February
yy Last two digits of year 94
yyyy Year with century 1994

Special Note

If you want to enter literal text, enclose it in either single or double quotes.  If you want to display a single or double quote, use two of them adjacent to each other.

Copyright 2005 by Matthias Miller.  All rights reserved.