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Code Read Inspiration!

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What Is It?

Code Read Inspiration! is your solution to finding equidistant letter sequences, or Bible codes, in any text document.  Simply stated, it turns your document into a giant word find puzzle (see example).

This software allows you to:

bulletSearch any text document (*.txt).
bulletSearch for any text keywords.
bulletCustomize the minimum and maximum distance between the letters of the keywords.
bulletCustomize the minimum and maximum column width for the results.
bulletCustomize the maximum length of the results.
bulletView the results in your favorite web browser (see example).

Please note that Bible codes and prophecy codes are forms of equidistant letter sequences.  Even though the terms are often used interchangeably, SteamingCoffee.com does not endorse Bible codes or prophecy codes in any way.  Any search results that appear prophetic or divinely inspired are mere coincidence.

Where to Find Books

Many people offer classic books as text files (files ending in .txt).  The following sites offer a wide variety of books and may serve as helpful resources.*

bulletProject Gutenberg (recommended)
bulletChristian Classics Ethereal Library
bulletUniversity of Pennsylvania
bulletText Library

You may want to begin with some of these popular texts:

bulletKing James Version Bible
bulletOrthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton
bullet Moby Dick by Herman Melville
bulletWar and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
bulletCrime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

You can also search the web for a specific book.  You will want to include the book's title and author, and may also want to include the words "download", "text", or "ascii".  For example, to locate a copy of the King James Version Bible, you may search for "download King James text".

* The listed sites are for reference only.  SteamingCoffee.com does not provide any guarantees or endorsements of these sites.

Get Your Copy!

Download the trial version of Code Read Inspiration! today, or buy a full version for $15 to unleash the power of this software.  The trial version allows ten free searches.  With the full version, you will be able to search for multiple keywords, customize the advanced options, and view all the results in your web browser!

We support Charity Christian Academy.  Because we believe that quality education deserves quality technology, we have chosen to donate the sales of the first fifteen copies of this software, as well as fifteen percent of all following sales, to CharityChristianAcademy.org to help cover their growing cost of technology--and perhaps even to buy them a cup of steaming coffee.


Copyright 2005 by Matthias Miller.  All rights reserved.